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5 About interaction with NDL Great East Earthquake Archive

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1. I acquire data from a daisy and cooperate.

The outside offer interface (API) is being exhibited by a daisy. For details, please see the outside offer interface (API).

2. I offer data to a daisy and cooperate.

To achieve the dispersion collection and the dispersion preservation which are records about an eastern Japan great earthquake as the whole country by a daisy, I make sure that the related engine can cooperate with a managed archive and search on the daisy.
It's necessary to cooperate with a daisy in the following way to make a managed archive the search subject by a daisy.
※ Further, please see a collection target of collection of a record about a subject on the archive by which a daisy assumes cooperation.

2.1 mechanical cooperation

You mount the outside offer interface which are OAI - PMH and RSS, etc. on a managed archive (API), and periodically, this palace collects metadata using offer interface outside it (API).

2.2 Cooperation by file sending

You change the metadata which is being used by a system to the text file by which this palace is the designated TSV forms or CSV formats, etc. and remit this palace periodically.

Than a person of the engine hoped for inquires about the above cooperation, please make a contact more.

3. Metadata

The form of the metadata which is being used by a daisy is based on "National Diet Library eastern Japan great earthquake archive metadata schema". For details, please see metadata.

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