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―Material consultation (the reference)

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Necessary material consultation is being accepted by mail fax for rehabilitation in the area hit by an eastern Japan great earthquake (Aomori-ken, Iwate-ken, Miyagi-ken, Fukushima-ken, Ibaraki-ken and Chiba-ken).
A support target will be relevant to below and be the organization and the individual which can't do material consultation by usual service in this palace.


  1. Several engines, medical educational institutions, enterprises and volunteer groups, etc. of the country and the local public organization which participate in earthquake disaster reconstruction in a disaster area
  2. The individual who suffered in the above area (including the in case of from which I took refuge in all except for a disaster area)

When applying, after mentioning the following matter, please apply.

  • Your name [indispensable]
  • Phonetic transcription in kana of your name [indispensable]
  • Belonging engine
  • Use goal
  • The phone number [indispensable: The following one of one]
    • The zip code and the address
    • Telephone number.
    • The fax number
    • Mail address
  • The question contents [indispensable]
Application destination
  • Mail address: ndlrefence AT (Please, replace AT with @)
  • Fax: 0774-94-9114
  • An address: Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library reconstruction assistance charge, 8-1-3 Seikadai. Seika-cho. Soraku-gun. Kyoto 619-0287 Japan


  • Telephone number: 03-3581-2331 (charge: Reconstruction aid charge)
    * From nine thirty a.m. except for the closing day to five p.m..

Further, the number of days for several days is needed about an answer. The reach of the material consultation (the reference) see National Diet Library reference service, please.

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