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About-API use application.

API on National Diet Library eastern Japan great earthquake archive (nickname: Daisy) (I say book API in the following.), when you use it, for, after reading the following point beforehand, please maintain the condition and use it. Try also merging "copyright and link on this archive" together.


1. The use condition

It's rather nonprofit,-like I premise on use, but when this palace also did the following use application at a profit-making destination, and permitted it, it's available. Publicly/privately, it isn't investigated according to the individual/group.


2. Procedure for use

It's rather nonprofit,-like procedure isn't necessary in case of use.
Further it's rather nonprofit,-like when accessing continually even if you're using it, when you can inform of your phone number and the use contents, etc., it's luckier than a question. I'll utilize the information I received for the contact which is at the time of a book API change of specifications and book API use reality grasp, etc..

It's offered without charge in case of use by a profit-making goal/, not free, use application is needed in spite of an offer. (The case when I say "The function using API in National Diet Library, it itself is free, but the system to offer its function is not free." and the case "advertising revenue generates" are relevant to a profit-making goal.)
Please send the following item to the mail address indicated on a question. After judging the propriety of the use at this palace, I'll answer.

※ It's not free using the contents an engine besides this palace offers, it isn't possible to offer it, so please accept it beforehand.
※※ A search and a glance of the data base which can be collected see the "repository list by which metadata acquisition is possible in the page of the outside offer interface (API) by book API, please.
A daisy is filming metadata only of the earthquake disaster related field about this palace making data base as shown in "search target data base". The person hoping for metadata of all fields cooperate with NDL search, please.
There is cooperation with NDL search in NDL search HP, "about use of API", please see it.


<<Entry of use application>>
(1) claimant's belonging, name, address, telephone number and mail address
(2) the name by which it's for the service for which book API is used and Uniform Resource Locator (the intermediary that the service can be confirmed when there are no Uniform Resource Locator,)
(3) the building subject by which it's for service (the engine names)
(4) the purpose by which it's for service, the outline and the difference it's not free/without charge
(5) the protocol which hopes for use
(6) the name and the data item of the used data base (for example, the "title" items of "National Diet Library digitalization material")


3. Important notice

  • Attention about enormous volume access
    To avoid an overload to a server, restriction is held for the number of simultaneous requests. The measure which will be continuing, and for insulating access from a specific server in a case with a great deal of access later is sometimes performed.
    ※ The in case of I also access continually for grasp of a book API use conditions, (, it's rather nonprofit,-like even if you're using it.), please cooperate in order to inform of your phone number and the use contents, etc. more than a question.
  • Indication of credit
    Please write that book API is being used for the site and the application for which book API is used clearly. When indicating each data, please write the name by which it's for a data offer former engine clearly.
  • Disclamer
    Please see "Disclamer".

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