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-About API use application.

When API on National Diet Library eastern Japan great earthquake archive (nickname: Daisy) (I say book API in the following.) is using it, please maintain the following condition and use it. Please see it together with "copyright and link on this archive".

1. The use condition

The occasion for which use application is necessary about use by the profit-making purpose (When I get some profit by data use by person's use of a commercial company and a group or the way where it's for an individual and non profit organization.) and, it's sometimes impossible to use it.
"The offer former list by which metadata acquisition is possible" Please check the "profit-making, purpose" page.

2. Use application

The following item, "Question" Please send to a mail address of mentioning. After judging the propriety of the use at this palace, I'll answer.
  • Claimant's belonging, name, address, telephone number and mail address
  • The name by which it's for the service for which book API is used and Uniform Resource Locator (the intermediary that the service can be confirmed when there are no Uniform Resource Locator,)
  • The building subject by which it's for service (the engine names)
  • The purpose by which it's for service, the outline and the difference it's not free/without charge
  • The protocol which hopes for use
  • The name and the data item of the used data base (For example, the "title" items of "National Diet Library digital collection". A list of the data bases by which a search and collection are possible by book API see "the offer former list by which metadata acquisition is possible", please.)

3. Important notice

(1) favor for a API use situation grasp
In spite of the advisability which is use application when accessing continually, ".Question" Please cooperate to inform a mail address of mentioning of your phone number and the use contents, etc..
I'll utilize the information I received for the guidance when changing the API specification, and improvement of service through API use reality grasp, etc..

(2) attention about enormous volume access
To avoid an overload to a server, restriction is held for the number of simultaneous requests. The measure which will be continuing, and for insulating access from a specific server in a case with a great deal of access later is sometimes performed.

(3) mentioning of a source
Please write a source clearly as follows in the website where book API is used and application.

(4) third person's right
The picture which is indicated from Uniform Resource Locator described in the metadata (A thumbnail picture is included.), a picture and contents of sound aren't included in metadata. When using contents, please get assent to owner of copyright of contents concerned except for material of copyright protection term expiry.

(5) exemption particular
"Exemption particular" Please see it.

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