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Application Programming Interface (API)

1. API supported by the National Diet Library Great East Japan Earthquake Archive (HINAGIKU)

HINAGIKU supports both search API and harvest API. Metadata from all data providers in the "List of Data Providers and Available Metadata" can be acquired by either API.
Please read the "About API use application" page before using API. If you wish to use API from a service other than HINAGIKU, please see the "List of API" page on the National Diet Library website.

1.1. Search API

You can search HINAGIKU metadata using the search API. The available search conditions will vary depending on the API protocol used.
The search API is compliant with SRU and OpenSearch.
You can make search windows by incorporating the search API.

1.2. Harvest API

You can download HINAGIKU metadata using the harvest API, which is made available by OAI-PMH.
Metadata downloaded from HINAGIKU can be imported to other systems.
※The harvest API uses some cache functions, which could affect response, depending on conditions and timing of the request.


The details of each API are as follows.

Type of APIProtocolInput formatOutput formatAccess URLNote
Search APISRUURLXML(RDF) can search in the same way as simple search and advanced search of HINAGIKU.
Search APIOpenSearchURLXML(RSS)
For details of each protocol, please see each link page of "Protocol".

2. Data available via API

2.1. Available data

Only metadata is available.

2.2. Metadata formats

Metadata of HINAGIKU is compliant with "The National Diet Library Great East Japan Earthquake Archive Metadata Schema", which is based on The National Diet Library Dublin Core Metadata Description (DC-NDL).
Format of data returned by each protocol is also based on "The National Diet Library Great East Japan Earthquake Archive Metadata Schema".

2.3. Metadata updates

Metadata is not updated in real time. Rather, batch processing is carried out daily.
If you search or harvest metadata by API around midnight Japan Standard Time, the metadata you receive might not be the latest version.

2.4. List of Data Providers and Available Metadata

For either search API or harvest API, you can narrow the range of search objects by specifying a Repository ID for the following Data Providers.
For the outlines of each Repository, please see the page "The list of searchable databases and others".

As of October 23th, 2023 (Repository ID order)
Repository IDData ProviderProvider of metadataCondition for secondary use of metadata(○ means "application is not needed")
For non-commercial useFor commercial use
R200000002National Diet Library postgresNDL
R200000004National Diet Library Periodical IndexNDL
R200000007Current Awareness Portal (National Diet Library)NDLApplication is needed
R200100039National Diet Library Digital CollectionsNDLApplication is needed
R200200001Other Providers (Persons)NDL
R200200004Japan Atomic Energy Agency's Library CatalogOther institution
R200200006National Diet Library Web Archiving ProjectNDL
R200200015NAIIC (National Diet of Japan, Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission)NDL
R200200017Japan Platform (JPF)NDL
R200200018Jupiter Telecommunications (J:COM)NDL
R200200020Tokyo Bookbinding ClubNDL
R200200022Tokyo Electric Power Company HoldingsNDL
R200200024Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)NDL
R200200027Other Providers (Organizations)NDL
R200200028Japan FoundationNDL
R200200029Higashi Nihon Gekisai Fukko ShinbunNDL
R200200031Remembering 3.11 (Tohoku Gakuin)Other institution
R200200033NWEC Women and Disaster Archive (National Women's Education Center of Japan)Other institution
R200200039Shinchi Town Library (Fukushima Prefecture)NDL
R200200040ICT Project for Preserving Community Ties "Telling the Story of the Great East Japan Earthquake" (Higashimatsushima Library)NDL
R200200041National Diet LibraryNDL
R200200043Aomori Disaster ArchiveOther institution
R200200044The record of the earthquakes on the history of municipality (Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya Library)Other institution
R200200045The Simplest Explanation of The National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission ReportOther institution
R200200046Japan Society of Civil Engineers Great East Japan Earthquake ArchiveOther institution
R200200047Nuclear Regulation AuthorityNDL
R200200048Nippon FoundationNDL
R200200049Center for Remembering 3.11 (sendai mediatheque)Other institution
R200200050Japanese Government Internet TVNDL
R200200051Disaster Management Library CatalogOther institution
R200200052Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI)NDL
R200200053Nagaoka Post-Disaster Reconstruction CollectionOther institution
R200200058Ministry of the Environment, Government of JapanNDL
R200200059Ministry of DefenseNDL
R200200060Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)Other institution
R200200061Great East Japan Earthquake Archive MiyagiOther institution
R200200062Koriyama Disaster ArchiveOther institution
R200200064Disaster Information Laboratory, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster ResilienceNDL
R200200067Urayasu Disaster ArchiveOther institution
R200200068Disaster Information Laboratory, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience CatalogOther institution
R200200069Tohkai ShimpoNDL
R200200070Post-disaster Images Acquisition (Corporate Social responsibility) (PASCO CORPORATION)NDL
R200200072yu keikaku jimusyoNDL
R200200073Otsuchi Town Waterworks OfficeNDL
R200200074Takata Driving SchoolNDL
R200200076Architect Partnership in MoriokaNDL
R200200077Ministry of Health, Labour and WelfareNDL
R200200078Nuclear Regulation Authority (Archived Information on the Fukushima Daiichi Accident)NDL
R200200079Kokusai KogyoNDL
R200200080Prime minister's office of JapanNDL
R200200081Mie Disaster Mitigation ArchiveOther institution
R200200082Syasin KikakuNDL
R200200083Nagaoka City Historical ArchivesNDL
R200200084Kyodo NewsNDL
R200200086Iwate Earthquake Tsunami Archive: HopeOther institution
R200200088Miyagi Prefectural LibraryNDL
R200200089Iwate Prefectural LibraryNDL
R200200095Digital Archives of Kumamoto DisastersOther institution
R200200096Cabinet OfficeNDL
R200200097Repository of Natural Disaster Documents of IWATE (Iwate University)Other institution
R200200098Reconstruction AgencyNDL
R200200099Iwate Future OrganizationNDL
R200200100311 Iwate NPO Flyer Archive (IWATE Fukkou Collaboration Center)Other institution
R200200102National Diet Library collection of flyers and other materials related to earthquake disastersNDL
R200200103Online database of materials on earthquake disaster (Tohoku University Library)Other institution
R200200104Citizen's group to think about reconstruction of Ishinomaki CityNDL
R200200105Database of Disaster Pictures (INSTITUTE OF SCIENTIFIC APPROACHES FOR FIRE AND DISASTER)Other institution
R200200107Red Cross Nuclear Disaster Resource Center Digital Archives (Transferred)Other institution×
R200200108Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation InstitutionOther institution
R200200112Project "What Can We Do Now?"NDL
R200200118 2014 Kamishiro Fault Earthquake ArchiveOther institution

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