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9 Inquiries

Inquiry contacts

National Diet Library Great East Japan Earthquake Archive, Digital Information Department National Diet Library
E-mail:hinagiku(AT) (Please, replace AT with @)

Notes on inquiries

  • We have posted a "Frequently Asked Questions" section for items which are frequently brought up.
  • Currently usable functions and restrictions can be verified under "Help" and "Restrictions".
  • The National Diet Library Great East Japan Earthquake Archive searches multiple databases and other sources both within and outside of the National Diet Library. The copyrights for the searchable data (lists, indexes, digital archives, etc.) lie with the institution, etc. which provides the data. Usage of individual data must be handled in accordance with the terms of use of the individual data provider institutions.
  • Please direct inquiries related to the content of individual data to the data provider systems, institutions, etc.
  • Refer to the National Diet Library website "Site Policy > Protection of Personal Information" for details on protection of personal information.
  • Refer to "Our Services" and submit a request to the relevant supervisor for requests related to copying, loaning and survey of materials held by the National Diet Library.
  • The National Diet Library cannot accept email inquiries from individuals related to possession of materials, questions or investigation of references, copying services, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

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