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― Collection of records

1 Collection targets

The National Diet Library carries out distributed collection and preservation of records and other materials related to the Great East Japan Earthquake through cooperation and collaboration with related organizations(Reference:"The Great East Japan Earthquake Archive Action plan.").
The candidate items which are given particular precedence for inclusion are as follows. The majority of items are in digital content formats.
  • Records and primary data (observed data/measured data, questionnaires, etc.) possessed or created by public institutions
  • Records related to activities of NPOs, volunteer organizations and other groups and disaster area conditions (Particularly videos and images not collected by other institutions)
  • Surveys, research and primary data from academic institutions and organizations
  • Records related to business activities
  • Records related to earthquake-caused nuclear power plant damage and incidents
  • Videos, images and other items which include valuable academic and historical information related to damage

2 Collection methods

Domestic Japanese publications are collected under a legal deposit system. Collected materials include domestically published books, magazines, newspapers, maps, sheet music, records, microforms, Braille materials, as well as electronically published materials including videos, CDs and DVDs. We ask that publishers of published materials view the "legal deposit request" or the "e-legal deposit of online publications"and cooperate by depositing materials with the library.
Please use our inquiries contact for unpublished digital contents (websites, databases, data saved on various media formats, etc.).
*Collection candidate materials may be recommended for submission to earthquake archives operated by different institutions depending on the content, quantity or other aspects of the materials.
**Public institution websites are collection targets for the National Diet Library Web Archiving Project (WARP), however please consult with us if you wish to have contents such as images, photos, etc., on the websites included in and made searchable through the National Diet Library Great East Japan Earthquake Archive.
For paper media and other non-published materials (fliers, collections, memos, etc.), the following libraries and other institutions collect and preserve these items as regional related materials, so please consider providing them to the following institutions.

3 Collecting institutions

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