New Data Providers that distribute metadata by API has added.

February 28th, 2018

The number of Data Providers whose metadata can be obtained by Application Programming Interface (API) has increased among the Data Providers whose metadata are publicly available on HINAGIKU. For details, please refer to "The List of Data Providers whose metadata is available" on the page of "Application Programming Interface (API)". When you use the API, please also refer to the "About-API use application".

Reference:The list of new Data Providers whose metadata can be obtained by API.

Repository IDData Provider
200001Other Providers (Persons)
200060Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
200061Great East Japan Earthquake Archive Miyagi
200067Urayasu Disaster Archive
200069Tohkai Shimpo*
200072yu keikaku jimusyo*
200073Otsuchi Town Waterworks Office*
200074Takata Driving School*
200076Architect Partnership in Morioka*
*The content metadata of the Data Provider are created by the NDL.

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